Using Tricks to Look Older than Your Age – Just For Baby-faced Guys!

Having a baby face and want to look older?  If so, use some tricks to know how to look more mature of your age. Looking young is good, but you don’t want to look like a kid in the business meetings and other professional places. Just do some things to achieve your maturity level.

If you are finding ways to look older, you are at the right place. Here are the techniques for guys can use to look older than their age.

Wear Jackets over your Shirt

When it comes to adding years to your age, jackets are an unbearable element that will help you to add a class and style to your appearance. So, you have to opt for the right jacket which gives a maturity look and it removes the fact that you are a baby faced men.

Show Maturity

Generally, body language shows attitude and maturity which speaks volumes about his emotions and personality. So, you can show maturity through your body language as a passive assertion of your age. Here are the tips to enhancing your maturity through the body language

  • Control your hand and foot movements
  • Keep eye contact while speaking to others
  • Keep calm and relax

Look Older

Drive with your Acne

Typically, Acne is for youngsters. If acne shows your baby face, you have to buy a cream to control the breakouts.

Otherwise, you may seek the best dermatologist to control your acne.

Avoid Wearing Tight Fitting Shirts and cartoony patterns

If you are thin, you should avoid t-shirts that make you look younger and skinnier. Don’t wear t-shirts are either tight or loose.

Don’t wear too skinny Pants

If you want to look older or bulkier, the skinny pants will work against you. Try to wear stylish jeans like a slim fit. Avoid skinny jeans, because it makes your legs look like a pair of matches.



The hairstyle is important for your looks. Do more conservative cuts rather than long hair, spiking, etc. spike and long hairstyles look good for few people, but a guy who looks like a baby face that will horribly go wrong

As well as, don’t cut your hair too short, sometimes it doesn’t suit you

Grow Mustache

The best and efficient way to look older men is to grow a beard, or patch of facial hair. It will help to add two years to your face.

Speak loud and Deep Voice

Want to look older? You have to use the trick is to speak in a heavy sound while phone call. Your deeper and heavier voice makes you older as well as it gives personality.

If you speak to someone, you have to shine out your voice and open up your vocal cords to speak.

There are a plethora of trendy choices and stylish choices in the fashion world. So, choose more styles from trending options that gives looking older with a baby face and also it looks more handsome attractive.