Tips to deal with a jealous woman

Nowadays, jealous is everywhere and there are more jealous women in school, college, workplace, etc. If somebody got jealous of you, you have to use some tricks to deal with them. So, you have to learn some clever things to do witha jealous women

Just ignore them when you figure out they got jealous on you. Generally, those people love to talk about you behind your back. They find all the things about you like what you have and then find reasons to criticize you to others. If you react to those gossips, you will be a coin of their chess board. So, you have to just ignore them.

Having a jealous girlfriend is not a bad thing, this means they show their cares and she can’t afford to lose you through their madness.

According to the studies, jealous is the way to protect them and be aware of threats to their relationship. It’s just a fine line. If you want to live your whole life with this woman, you will be committed to the survival of the relationship.

Signs of jealous women

If your girlfriend is very jealous, you can see these signs on her.

  • Generally, a woman doesn’t like you have female friends. In this case, she feels uncomfortable with you while spending a lot of time alone with other girls.
  • She asks a lot of questions about your female colleagues
  • She cannot tolerate if you mentoring or looking at another woman.

If you want to survive your relationship forever, you have to figure out the way to handle. Here are some tips to deal with a jealous woman

Be clever

You have to find out the way to avoid checking out with other women. If there is no way to avoid, you will keep it subtle.

Avoid talking about actress or Celebrities

Everyone has favorites. It is common for a couple to talk about their favorites. When you handling with a jealous girlfriend ensure that you have to avoid talking about female celebrities. Like, talk about the good looking of a favorite celebrity.

Don’t Complaint her looks and appearance and Don’t Compare with Others

Generally, women like to do anything for her. But if you criticize their appearance, it will ruin her insecurity. As well as, if you compare your girl with other women, she definitely got angry with you because of you checked out another girl in the first priority.

girlfriend is very jealous

Don’t Withdraw

The natural reaction of jealous women is to withdraw from her and become more secretive. Mostly, jealous comes from her feeling when you are too closed off. So, you have to open up her and give assurance that you will be always with her.

Open Up and Improve Communication

You have to understand and validate her feeling and accept them without any complaints. This will improve your communication better that will help you always.

Jealous is a natural one. When your girlfriend got jealous frequently, you have to manage them. Moreover, if you decide to stay with her, you have to support her and reassure her.